Unlock the Potential of Customer Learning

Join the Customer Learning Economy with the innovative platform that deepens customer relationships, enables new products and business models and harnesses the power of learning. 

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Build Your Business
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Learning Cloud

Thought Industries helps organizations of all sizes build
successful, long-term customer and partner relationships
through engaging learning experiences tailored to the
individual, team, industry, geography or subject matter.

  • Reduce churn
  • Accelerate upsell and engagement
  • Drive innovative new revenue streams.

Simplify Customer Learning Management
with the TI Platform

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Manage Learners

Enroll learners, manage courses, certifications and grades.

Create Content

Create personalized, branded learning experiences with collaborative tools.

Develop Channels

Categorize learners by role, organization or expertise and leverage analytics.

Monetize Learning

Offer paid training, bundled content, subscriptions and ecommerce

Deliver at Scale

Provide content for in-person, on-demand, Instructor-led or hybrid learning.

Retain Customers and
Decrease Support Costs

Customer learning keeps customers from leaving, by
helping them master your product. It also reduces the 
number of support tickets your teams have to manage.

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figure-4 figure-5
With Thought Industries, we were able to lift the education burden off the shoulders of delivery teams, customer support and customer success.”

Melissa VanPelt, Seismic

Enable New Products
and Business Models

Offer paid, on-demand training to complement or replace in-person training. Create more compelling learning experiences that go beyond webinars and lectures.

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With Thought Industries’ help, our hybridized learning track has grown exponentially, and is now a critical part of our long-term plan.”

Madisson Mullen, ICC

Customers Learning
That Scales as Your Grow

TI offers On-Demand, 24/7 scalability at the highest performance. We can meet you where you are today, and are ready as your customer learning grows and becomes more complex.

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Thought Industries provides an integrated system with built-in authoring, e-commerce, and 
multi-tenant delivery capabilities that we needed tocontinue our growth”

Clyde Seepersad
The Linux Foundation

Thought Industries is a Recognized Leader
and Trusted Learning Partner